El Krom Middle East

service & products

EME EL KROM MIDDLE EAST offers the market the implementation, maintenance, and commissioning of electrical and electro-equipment systems for industrial, private, and advanced tertiary services sectors. Furthermore, EME manufactures electric MT/BT cabins, busways and cable ducts, alternators and auxiliaries. Laying cables. Switch, adjustment and control boards. Fire-fighting systems, CCTV, fumes and gas detection, cathode protections. Technical assistance, equipment calibration, commissioning gas turbines, steam turbines, alternators and auxiliaries, electrical measurements.

EME: service and products: technical

Boring machines with numeric control for 480-3200 mm turbine rotors;
Load measuring digital dynamometers;
Laser equipped alignment equipment;
E, G, MIG, TIG methods based welding systems;
Heat treatment machines.

EME: service and products: engineering

Structural Engineering:
EME performs all the engineering executive and construction extending from the definition of primary structural elements (profiles, plates and carriers) to the realization of the drawings for the purpose of site work costruction.

EME: service and products: instrumentation control

Supply and installation:
electrical and istrumentation part, commissioning, planning instrumentation and control of systems industrial energy, production plants installation and commissioning;
Maintenance of systems for measuring:
temperature, pressure, conductivity, flow and control;
control panels and instrumentation cabinets, I&C materials and equipment for laboratory tests.

EME: service and products: turbine

Installation, assembly, maintenance, check up and revamping of steam turbines and gas turbines complete with air intake, discharge pipe, fuel and lubrication skids and the electro-equipment part;
Installation maintenance and control of:
high and low pressure pipes, pumps, lubrication/cooling, compressors, heat exchangers, condensers.

EME: service and products: renevable energy

EME is in a position to provide engineering, marketing and implementation services of photovoltaic and aeolic systems.
Our services include:
inspection and assessment of the actual situation drafting the feasibility stud;
Estimation of costs comprising:
the preliminary plan commencement notice request of Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A.) definite project planb ank consultancy to obtain financial support correlated to then "Energy Account" implementation of the "Turnkey" system tests drafting the maintenance manual.

EME: service and products: piping

Prefabrication and intallation piping models for complete cycles P11-P22-P91:
EME develops engineering executive and construction of the mechanical components with a system providing for the design of pipes and the optimization of their course, defining the layout of the placement of components and machines, with verification of the support structures and Stress-Analysis of the high temperature pipes expansions through the Three-dimensional modeling system.

EME: service and products: mechanical and piping

Engineering Electro-Instrumental:
EME offers engineering services instrumental, electric, electrical power, automation and control, commissioning and startup systems, automation systems for HVAC, Switchboard power, automation, commissioning & start up plants, from engineering assistance to electroinstrumental assembly.

EME: service and products: boiler

Quality control;
Check-up for fluidized bed boilers.