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EME: who we are

In Africa, Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia as well as the Far East, EME EL KROM MIDDLE EAST builds plants to generate electricity from bothconventional and renewable sources with high-tech production facilities to safeguard the environment.

Thanks to our streamlined, flexible, and dynamic organisational model, we offer our customers a complete ,customised and efficient service. We handle sustainability and location studies; analysis of the technical and economic feasibility of new plants; basic design and detailed design; and the "turnkey" development of production plants, right up to their operation and global maintenance.

Our modus operandi strives for an open enterprise system capable of achieving the best possible integration between plant, territory, and social settings. EME, founded by professionals of the energy sector with over 30 years of experience, was started in order to extend the reach of engineering activities and services throughout the international market.

After opening branches and subsidiary companies in Poland, Tunisia, Egypt, Switzerland and through the creation of joint ventures with the leading companies in these countries, EME now aims to satisfy the growing needs of the worldwide energy sector, specialising in the construction of mechanical and electrical works through a consolidated experience in the installation and commissioning of gas turbines, steam turbines, air and water condensers, steam generators, auxiliary systems, BOP, prefabrication installation and interconnection of pipes throughout the plant.

The activities performed and services offered by EME throughout the market are characterised by a flexible and dynamic organisation, capable of performing a comprehensive study on sustainability and on the workplace,including an analysis of technical and economic feasibility of new production plants, basic design and detail and an accurate technical assistance of installations under construction since their operation to the global maintenance.

EME executes and manages the ordinary and preventive maintenance of installations through its own staff and equipment operating maximum levels of prevention, safety and environmental protection. As of today EME's managerial structure, located in Egypt and supported by the organisation's resources in Italy, with decades of experience in the field, is capable of handling a wide array of activities, ranging from high-pressure fast track projects to large and complex plants involving large workforces. EME is well equipped, not only in terms of manpower and expertise, but also in terms of machinery and equipment to handle the vast majority of requests in the complex and rapidly evolving market as well as the necessary expertise to utilise the proprietary special tools supplied by individual clients for specific activities.

streamline efficency

EME: streamline efficency

EME plans, constructs and maintains electrical and instrumental systems; controls and manages technological systems, energy flows, safety, access and automation of large private and industrial properties.

By cooperating and merging with Companies operating in the systems and automation industry, EME is capable of providing a multipurpose potentiality supporting the entire plan and implementation cycle.

EME has a technical operating organisation capable of meeting specific requirements with leading edge technical solutions.

Our technical department staff is specialised and constantly updated regarding the development of the new technologies and the evolution of the standards. Flexibility combined with the level of competence achieved, make of EME a company capable of guaranteeing the customer reliable and functional products under the right quality/price ratio conditions.

Plant Construction and Commissioning: builds and supplies "turnkey" plants generating electricity from both renewable and conventional sources. The production path is overseen throughout all its phases: from selecting, qualifying, and managing contractors and suppliers, to carrying out the civil works, mechanical assemblies and mounting of electrical instruments, and starting up and commissioning the plant.

Ordinary Maintenance and Total Operation Warranty: performs and manages the ordinary and preventive maintenance of the plant through its own organisation of personnel and operating equipment at the utmost levels of prevention, safety, and environmental protection.

Development and Engineering: structured for the development of new business initiatives in the major plants sector, following its administrative path and all subsequent technical phases, basic engineering and detailed engineering, with the support of latest-generation software. The department is organised in a number of divisions, each analysing and developing a particular engineering area:

I. Mechanical Plant: active in 3D plant design using innovative software packages and in line with the market's needs;

II. Specialised Engineering: active in designing electrical plants, fire-fighting systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, soundproofing systems, rendering, and photo manipulation;

III. Service: guarantees extraordinary maintenance and quick action for gas turbines, steam turbines, alternators, and their auxiliary units, using its own specialists, minimising shut-down times and resulting costs for the client.

our range

EME: our range

Conventional Power Generation
(Gas Turbine /Steam Turbine /Combined Cycle)

Renewable Power Generation

Nuclear Power Generation

Industrial Production Plants